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A truly great

UK family experience

We have over 10 years of experience of hosting European and Far Eastern students and we have dealt with a number of different agencies. I can confidently say Parvs' company, National HomeStay, stands out as the most professional and courteous we have had the pleasure to work with.
I believe this is due to 
Parvs outstanding organisational skills, expertise and empathy with people.

Parveen is a professional

Parveen is a professional, caring and responsible international host. She has developed this business in harmony with her family, to deliver a truly satisfying and memorable experience.

We have hosted several times

We have hosted several times – providing our children with an insight into other cultures from around the world. We have learned a great deal about different lifestyles, and other countries. 

Feel like one big happy family

Her host families, teachers and children, from all walks of life, feel like one big happy family.

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